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Our team delivers successful projects with efficient construction timelines, regular communication, and high-level project management.


You can rely on our network of trusted tradespeople with a proven track record of projects completed on time and precisely to spec since 2014.


The quality of materials and technology we use is matched only by the quality of our workmanship – and we provide guarantees to back this up.


Skilled Commercial Builders in Alberta & BC

Whether you want to build or renovate a facility for healthcare, education, childcare, hospitality, retail or another sector, construction projects are high stakes.

With commercial projects, meeting timelines and budgets is essential. Every day of delay can result in financial penalties or severe losses for a business.

Partnering with an established and reliable commercial construction company is therefore always a priority.

Our team has the experience and know-how to manage commercial constructions of most sizes and complexities. Stringent licensing requirements and tight deadlines are common with such projects.

We can also help you renovate an office building (while minimizing daily disruption to the business) or make building modifications to commercial spaces to meet tenant requirements.

We have been a regular contractor on commercial projects across Alberta and BC in recent years – delivering high-quality constructions within budget and on time.

Shorter, more-efficient construction timelines

It starts with your vision and we keep this in mind through all stages of the project.

Delivering higher quality and value comes through professional workmanship and the use of the finest materials and the latest technology, as we work towards executing your vision.

Shorter, more efficient construction timelines come from skilled project management that keeps you informed and ensures your needs are the priority from the initial planning stages through to completion.

In each project, we are committed to finding the right balance between quality, durability, and value – and, wherever possible, encouraging sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Our team members are local to the Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver areas and understand the challenges and requirements of each local environment we work in.

What is commercial construction?

Commercial construction is the process of designing and building commercial structures – or sometimes remodelling existing ones.

Most commercial projects in Alberta and BC are funded by developers in the private sector and involve the construction of offices, retail centers, hotels, apartment buildings, warehouses, and industrial buildings. However, some local government or federal government projects may fall under the same broad “commercial” category.

Before a commercial construction project can break ground, there is normally a process by which general contractors like Greenstone Construction submit proposals to the business owner, managers or developer to bid for the work

These detailed proposals outline the construction plan and costs for completing the project. The most suitable proposal will be selected and the work can usually start after the necessary permits are acquired.

Types of commercial construction projects

Commercial construction projects encompass a wide array of building work that varies greatly in size, scope, and budget and crosses many different sectors.

Some of the most common types of commercial construction projects in Alberta and BC include the following:

  • Shopping malls
  • Retail stores
  • Medical facilities
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial structures (e.g., factories and warehouses)
  • Educational buildings (e.g., high schools, universities)
  • Sports facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Infrastructure projects like airports

For simplicity, we can break down the scope of these projects into three levels: small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale construction projects.

Small-scale projects

Small-scale construction projects require the fewest resources (labour, equipment, etc.) from the general contractor. Projects include office space redesign, structure updates, building repairs, sewage system repairs, and so on.

Often, these projects involve a commercial rebranding or expanding a business by opening up more space.

Medium-scale projects

When a building needs to be restructured, expanded, remodelled or otherwise requires a major “upgrade”, more resources are required and the project may be considered medium scale.

Such work is often necessary because buildings age over time and need upgrading either for safety reasons, aesthetics, or both. Additional space may also need to be created, such as when a new floor is added to a building. These projects often take several months to a year to complete.

Large-scale projects

Large-scale commercial construction projects are generally those that require a new structure to be built from the ground up. They involve considerable planning and resources and may take many months or years to complete. “Mega-projects” like airports may take many years.

The commercial contractor will work with an architect or developer to create a new structure according to the requirements of the business owner or developer. Before construction begins, the required building/zoning code permits must be acquired.

Large teams and heavy equipment are required to perform the work as a large area of land is usually developed and the foundation work done before building work begins.

What is the difference between commercial construction and residential construction?

Residential construction and commercial construction don’t just differ in scope and project size. They usually differ in funding sources too.

Both types of construction may be privately funded but hospitals, office space, retail outlets, and other commercial projects are usually financed by a business owner, private investor, developer, local government or federal government.

Projects usually involve steel-frame buildings and can be large-scale, employing large teams with heavy construction equipment like bulldozers and excavators.

Residential construction projects build houses and condos for people to live in and are usually funded by the homeowner or a developer. Projects vary in size but are usually smaller-scale than commercial projects. Houses are usually wooden-frame buildings while condos are generally steel-framed.

Small to medium-sized equipment like compact loaders, front loaders, and mini excavators are generally used in residential construction projects.

Why choose Greenstone Construction for your commercial construction projects?

Greenstone Construction is your commercial contractor of choice for all sizes and scopes of commercial construction projects in Alberta and BC.

Why? Because you can expect the following from our dedicated construction teams:

  • Accountability: We will never promise what we can’t deliver and you can count on us to “own” each construction project we manage.
  • Efficiency: Short construction timelines reduce frustrating delays and alleviate the potential for expensive losses.
  • Quality: We employ the know-how, materials, and technology to ensure your construction is high quality from start to finish.
  • Service: We consider realistic timelines, regular communication, and high-level project management all part of the service.
  • Experience: We are well-established with a proven track record of completing commercial projects successfully since 2014.
  • Assurance: Our guarantees bring peace of mind and assurance that your commercial project is in good hands.

What commercial construction markets do we build for?

Greenstone Construction manages commercial building projects that are helping to develop the towns and cities across Alberta and BC.

Our main project sectors include education/child care, hospitality/retail, healthcare/medical, workplace/office, and mixed-use properties.

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