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Greenstone Construction provides project management services in Calgary and across Western Canada. Our defining commitment is to sustainability and efficiency in every phase of the construction process.

We are relentless in our pursuit of better building design, better construction methods, and better project management services that reduce waste and produce durable, beautiful, energy-efficient buildings that stand out in the crowd. Ask us about our unique approach to quality custom homes, renovations, or commercial fit-outs. We are ready to exceed your expectations.

Greenstone is set-up to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients. Maintaining excellent communication throughout the project helps us to ensure your project is executed smoothly, with no surprises. Our three main areas of focus are energy-efficiency (such as ICF) / sustainability; accessibility; and quality construction.


build a better home


Greenstone Construction specializes in constructing some of the most energy efficient homes in Calgary. We work with clients and architects to find a balance between budget, quality, and environmental efficiency. It's not just about doing our part for the environment. Houses designed to exceed even the most stringent building codes are simply more comfortable, and pleasurable to live in. In short, a higher quality of life. Designed to be in harmony with the environment, we try to engineer out common annoyances such as over-heating in summer, and cold-spots and drafts in winter.  We take the time to think through likely issues and mitigate them by using a smarter building design.  This can reduce HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) equipment and installation costs, and helps to keeps utility bills among the lowest achievable in our climate.  



Bearspaw Residence, Calgary

contemporary design, modern construction, Full ICF home

From basement to rafters, this home is fully built out of concrete. The walls are build from ICFs (insulated concrete forms) with an 8" solid concrete core and a suspended concrete slab for both the main and upper floor.  The design incorporates passive solar heating and cooling principles. Careful attention was given to the position of the home in relationship to the sun, glazing design, awning placement, and thermal massing. The result is a home that maintains a stable temperature in even the harshest weather, and requires very little energy to heat and cool.

Parkdale Residence, Calgary

Accessible home with ICF basement

Designed and built to be completely barrier-free to meet the current and future mobility challenges for this family. With curb-less showers, right-size doorways and passageways,  zero-grade entrances at front and rear of the house, and an elevator that accesses all floors, Greenstone worked to ensure that this house maximizes independence and autonomy for each member of the family. The basement walls incorporate ICFs (insulated concrete forms), with the above grade walls incorporating advanced framing and air sealing techniques to increase the home's energy efficiency and durability.

Kensington Residence

High-end Home

Built on a small lot in the sought-after Kensington neighbourhood, this home demonstrates the customary modern flair found in so many Calgary in-fills. But this home is far from customary when you look at the details. The design incorporated ICFs (insulated concrete forms) for the foundation, with all exterior wall cavities receiving closed cell spray foam. The result is an air-tight, energy efficient building envelope, and a home that requires much less energy to operate. A heat recovery ventilator was incorporated into the heating system to further improved energy efficiency. Finally, the garage was designed with a "green roof" to allow the homeowners to maximize their green space, even on a smaller city lot.

Altadore Residence

ICF basement with conventional wood frame 

Basement walls were built from ICFs (insulated concrete forms) to increase the home's heat efficiency and durability.  The remainder of the house incorporates a more familiar wood framed structure. Imported European cabinets accentuate the 10 foot high ceilings and the open floor plan. The exterior of the home is a combination of Hardie Panel siding with Easy Trim reveals and cedar. This home is truly a work of art. 

renovate a better home


Renovations to an existing home is sometimes more appropriate than building a home from scratch. Whether a full or partial re-model, Greenstone Construction applies the same project principles to find a balance between budget, quality, and sustainability. The unpredictability inherent to renovations mean that excellent communication between client and contractor is even more important. Whether time, cost, or quality is your primary concern, often we'll be able to give several options for you to choose from. That way, we can work through challenges together to find a cost-effective and durable solution to ensure that your renovation will exceed your highest expectations.


Rocky Ridge Renovation

Cosmetic Upgrades

The interior renovation for this property was about precision. Adding 1500 square feet of Brazilian slate and Canadian maple hardwood flooring the home-owners wanted to bring in the beauty of natural materials to their home. In addition, doors and mouldings were replaced and the whole home received a fresh coat of paint.

This is the "before" shot. 
Finished project photos coming soon

Mayland Heights Renovation

Full home renovation for accessibility

This 1960's four-level split presented a unique challenge. The owners requested a complete redesign of all the interior spaces and a full replacement of the roof, siding, windows and decking. In addition, they wanted the new design to allow for full wheelchair access to every room in the house. We responded by developing new modern floorplans that incorporated a commercial-style elevator with stops on all four floors, barrier-free bathrooms with curb-less showers, a zero-grade entrance at the front and carefully-sized doorways and passageways that allow for easy maneuverability with a wheelchair.

modern, cost-effective, and quality commercial builds


At Greenstone, we believe that quality construction is integral to the success of our commercial clients. The finished product may be one of the first encounters future customers have with your business, or it may be integral to the business experience itself. That's why we focus on maintaining excellent communication with our clients throughout the project to ensure that the end result becomes a collaboration of vision and quality construction. We know that cost and time are important to our clients. That's why we provide weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly progress reports to ensure that our project is delivered on-time, and on-budget.


Walk-In Medical Clinic

My Health Walk-in Clinic and Pharmacy

This 5500 sq ft medical fit-out of a brand new building in NE Calgary was completed in 12 weeks. The space included a pharmacy, 12 exam rooms and multiple speciality rooms.


Non-Profit Women's Medical Clinic

The IUd Clinic

Built at the same time as My Health Walk-In Clinic and in the same building, the IUD clinic included 9 exam rooms, a significant amount of custom millwork and a special multipurpose rooms for educational presentations and client hosting. Total developed area  for the clinic is 2500 sq ft and it was completed in 12 weeks.


Walk-In Medical Clinic

Riverbend Medical Clinic

This project was the final phase of a renovation to an existing medical office. The Riverbend Medical Clinic distinguished itself from others with the use of demountable DIRTT walls and millwork throughout. The project timeline was very tight but the work was completed on time in 5 weeks. This was accomplished while the clinic continued to operate. Special care was taken to control dust and minimize disturbance of staff and patients.


the original building

the original building

Church Addition for Accessibility

Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church

How do you add an elevator and a substantial addition to a century old church building where no wall is plumb and no floor is level? This is what Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church asked us to do. The congregation included members with mobility issues and they wanted to modify their building to make it work for everyone. The work included installing a new three stop elevator, adding a substantial addition to facilitate zero-grade entry, adding a new barrier free washroom and replacing significant portions of the facade, and hardscaping. The end result was a beautiful facelift to a tired building that now allows anyone, regardless of their mobility challenges to participate in the activities of the church.


Commercial and Residential Insulated Concrete Form Construction

Greenstone has substantial experience building with insulated concrete forms. Our team is certified to install both Fox Block and Logix insulated concrete forms. From basements to 40-foot tall walls and multi-floor structures, we've done it. We also have a solid understanding of how to deal with large window openings, complex reinforcement details, a variety of floor system integrations.

If you need a crew to install ICFs for your project or if you need a project management company that understands how to work efficiently with this product, please contact us. We would love to find out how we can help.