1. Meet with Greenstone Construction to review the property or concept


2. Obtain budgetary project pricing from us and decide whether you want to proceed with Greenstone Construction


3. Split the project into design, and build phases. After you sign a contract for the design phase, Greenstone will typically coordinate with you, and the architect / interior designer (and structural engineer if required) to generate the drawings, and apply for a building permit. 


4. Once you have approved the drawings (or before), you should pick the fixtures and finishings you want for your home


At this point, you have only committed to the design phase, and are of course free to walk away or chose someone else to complete your project. 


5. With the architectural drawings and fixtures and finishings list, we will provide a competitive cost estimate for the construction or renovation of your home to project completion. If you are happy to proceed with us, you would then sign a contract for the build phase and we would start construction.


The above process typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks, but can be longer (or shorter), depending on the complexity of the project.