safety is embedded in our corporate values

Safe building practices isn’t just our number one value, it’s how we do business. The leaders and site supervisors of our company all follow the training programmes set up by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). As a small business, we are working towards ACSA's small employer certificate of recognition (SECOR) and will have this in place shortly.

Our partners know that we are serious about safety. All of our contractors adhere to our strict construction safety requirements, and Greenstone is actively encouraging our contractors to obtain SECOR / COR (or equivalent).

From ACSA:

"A COR / SECOR shows that the employer’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards established by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.

"Maintaining a COR / SECOR ensures the ongoing review of an employer’s Health and Safety Management System so that gaps can be identified and corrected. It also provides employers with an Alberta Government-issued certificate, recognizing their efforts in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace."




Whether you need a bathroom, a whole house or a commercial space built or retrofitted for accessibility, Greenstone can help. We understand accessible design and have a strong portfolio of projects completed for clients with mobility challenges. If you're facing this kind of situation, please reach out to us. 

Here's a list of what we can offer to meet your accessibility needs:

1. Elevators - whether new construction or retrofit, residential or commercial, we have installed elevators in challenging scenarios.

2. Barrier Free Bathroom Facilities 

3. Ramps and Other Lifting Devices

4. Fully Accessible Custom Homes

5. Retro-fitting Existing Homes for Accessibility

6. Accessibility Modifications to Commercial Spaces







Greenstone has the knowledge and experience to apply sustainable construction principles to your project, whether it's a basement renovation, a custom home, a retail/office fit-out, or a new commercial building. We believe that construction status quo isn't good enough any more. Advances in building science and an increased sensitivity to the impact of the built-environment on people and the planet have produced better ways to approach the construction process. Here's a list of some of the big ideas we believe in and practice consistently.

1. Energy Efficient Design

Like almost anything, building sustainably can be approached from a number of angles. While we are conversant with a number of green building certification systems (e.g. LEED, Built-Green, Passiv Haus, Living Building Challenge, Boma Best) we also believe that every client's needs are different. Rather than force a particular approach on our clients, we take time to listen and understand their needs, priorities and interests. From there, we can offer advice on the different approaches to building green and assist with making decisions about which sustainable methods or systems makes the most sense for your project. Once those decisions have been made, we apply our experience to ensure that the right trade contractors and suppliers come together to make it happen.

Here are a few of major consideration we typically address when dealing with energy efficiency:

    a. passive solar design

    b. advanced building envelope assemblies

    c. advanced mechanical systems

    d. advanced lighting systems

2. Prefabrication

Prefabrication plays a significant role in building sustainably because it substantially reduces the amount of waste generated in the manufacturing process.  It also results in a higher quality product because fabricators are taking advantage of a controlled environment and the use of high-tech machinery. Prefabrication also reduces overall construction time requirements. Because of these benefits, we endeavor to prefabricate as many of our component as possible.

2. Construction Waste Recycling

We recycle a minimum of 75% of the waste produced on our sites. We can increase that to 95% if requested and can also provide documented verification of recycling.

3. Locally Sourced Materials

In order to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the construction process, we work with local suppliers for our construction materials. Reducing the shipping distance of construction materials helps the environment and also supports local businesses.

4. Occupant Friendly Finishes

We make use of low-VOC and no-VOC finishes whenever possible. In addition, we source high quality material with recycled content where possible and we can re-purpose previously used materials, saving clients cost and waste disposal costs in the process.

5. Water Management

We encourage our clients to consider options that help reduce the need for water from their municipal supplier. We can achieve this through simple or more complex rainwater capture systems, grey water recycling and the use of more efficient fixtures.






We want you to love building with Greenstone

The construction industry has a poor reputation when it comes to communication and client experience. We seek to change that and aspire to lead the industry with exceptional communication.

Here is our commitment to you:

Before construction

- cost estimates

We don't just provide you with the bottom line. We share the constituent parts of our cost estimate, breaking the cost down into 20 different categories. Why do we do this? So that you can understand the cost of different design decisions, and give you the information to make informed decisions.

- project kickoff

it's most important to get your project off to a great start. We do this by having a dedicated meeting where you, the client, set out your requirements and vision. If applicable, our architects, designers, and engineering are also present. By meeting your design team, asking questions, and providing guidance, you can be assured that everyone is on the same page, has clear expectations and are set up for delivering value for you. 

During construction

- weekly

Weekly communication from our project manager, comprising a look-back to the previous week (what did we say we were going to do, and what did we actually do, and why), and a look ahead to what is planned for the coming week. Our commitment is to be open and transparent. We want you to be aware of how the project is progressing, and also of any issues that may arise and need solving. 

- monthly

Monthly project update, detailing performance against plan. We lay out a comparison against our initial cost and time estimate, and a forecast final cost and completion date. This can take the form of both electronic communication, and / or face to face, whichever you prefer.

Post construction

- monthly check-in for the first 3 months.

We want to find out how your new project is working out for you, whether there are any issues we can help with, or if you have any questions, comments, or feedback for us. We want you to love your new project, and love the experience of building with Greenstone. 


Anything else you want to see? Let us know so we can build even better.