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ICF Builders Calgary

Homeowners in Calgary are increasingly demanding homes that are:

  • Better for the environment,
  • Higher quality construction,
  • Able to save on energy bills, and
  • Unique but affordable.

Custom-made insulated concrete form (ICF) homes make a compelling case for each of these qualities while also providing the durability and style you expect from a new home.

A custom home should be something you’re proud of – not just for the way it looks but in how it represents you and your family. But it should also be a delight to live in – comfortable and well-attuned to your lifestyle and able to deliver the quality of life you expect.

At Greenstone Construction, our team of experienced ICF builders helps you bring your ideal home into the world.

What is ICF?

Insulated concrete form (ICF) is a type of concrete wall construction increasingly used in both residential and commercial construction projects around Canada.

It comes in the form of wall blocks that combine the traditional durability and strength of reinforced concrete with the insulating powers of thick, expanded polystyrene.

A rigid polystyrene “shell” has concrete poured into it, which is then reinforced with steel rods.

This form of construction material is ideal for the Alberta climate, where our temperature extremes between winter and summer need no introduction, and heating and air conditioning bills can be a problem.

The blocks stack easily together like Lego, helping your home take shape quickly and once filled with steel and concrete, have much more durability and strength when compared with 2×6 wood walls.

Why Greenstone?

Building a smart home requires the ability to identify potential issues beforehand or during the building phase, and creating solutions that address these issues.

For each custom home project, we work closely with the homeowner to consider potential issues and mitigate their impact using our experience in smart building design.

With ICF, because of the nature of the building material, it requires specialist know-how in the construction methods.

  • Fully Certified – to install Amvic, Logix, and Fox Block insulated concrete forms

  • Transparency – open communication throughout the project keeps you informed
  • Customer-first mentality – each custom build starts with getting to know you, the customer, first
  • Integrity – we do what we say and don’t believe in breaking promises or commitments
  • Experienced – we’ve been building ICF custom homes since 2014
  • Safety – we have a perfect safety record and safety always comes first in any building project

  • Sustainability – ICF custom homes are better for the planet as they help to keep energy bills down
  • Accountability – if a mistake is made, we take responsibility and fix it

Our Services

ICF Custom Homes

Greenstone is a leading builder of ICF custom homes around Alberta. We can construct one-, two- and three-storey homes anywhere in Alberta.

Our team looks after the entire project from the planning and design stages to construction, no matter how complex your requirements are. Every home is custom-built to your needs – but using the same proven ICF construction methods.

Our solid understanding of how to deal with large window openings, complex reinforcement details, and a variety of floor system integrations adds efficiency and quality to any project.

ICF Basements

ICF brings its excellent strength, durability, and insulating qualities to the most important part of your home – the foundation and frost walls. Other materials can then be used for the above-ground work if you prefer.

ICF basements are a common request in Alberta – especially with the introduction of the National Energy Code and a greater awareness and understanding of energy efficiency.

ICF is perfect for basements, with a similar cost to regular cribbed basement frost walls but with greater insulation, waterproofing and structural qualities.

Commercial Projects

Clinics, schools, childcare centres, offices…whatever type of commercial installation you need, our ICF construction team can deliver the longevity and cost-efficiency you may be looking for. Designing and constructing buildings that have a much longer life-span, and higher energy efficiency makes sense.

Our expert project management and regular project reports ensure that you are kept informed during construction as your building is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Budget meets quality and environmental efficiency

ICF has several clear benefits over traditional building materials:

  • Built-in cost savings – with smarter building design and its insulating qualities, ICF can help you reduce the costs of HVAC equipment installation and drive down the monthly running costs of your system.
  • Comfort – our ICF homes are designed to be in harmony with the environment, with common annoyances such as over-heating in summer and cold spots or drafts in winter reduced or engineered out.
  • Strength and durability – with the core of the structure made from steel-reinforced concrete, ICF homes are robust, quasi-permanent structures that last, regardless of the battering they take from Alberta’s climate.
  • Sound-proofing – ICF is ideal for noisy urban areas as it helps to insulate the home from noise pollution as well as the cold.
  • Air quality – compared to wooden-frame homes, the air quality of ICF homes is improved because of its resistance to mould and mildew growth, as well as insect infestation and moisture intrusion.

Increasingly, ICF is the building material for our times. It can help keep the efficiency of your home up and the bills down.

Cost comparison of ICF

While the build cost using ICF might be slightly higher than with some other materials, the ease of install saves money, reduces labour costs, and lessens construction risks, and the specialist materials used for insulation ensure that the cost of ownership is effectively reduced.

Custom ICF homes have a lifespan of more than 100 years, even with minimal maintenance. The foam used in the building materials does not degrade.

Bear in mind that for any custom home-building project to be a success, you need builders with the experience to work towards your family’s lifestyle goals and the expertise to design and construct a home to exacting standards.

That’s where the team at Greenstone Construction comes in.

Our Process

Construction can start in as little as 4-6 weeks after you get in touch with us. We are geared towards working quickly without sacrificing quality.

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